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Our Process

Teeple Wealth Management was founded using principles that buck the norms of corporate culture often practiced today.  We have tossed aside the ideas that bigger is always better and the bottom line must always be one of dollars and cents.


Rather, our culture is based upon higher principles such as always treating others the way we would want to be treated, truly having a servant’s heart as we care for our clients, and a bottom line built upon trusting relationships whose foundations begin with our desire to always happily go the extra mile.


In the description of our process below, you'll find the "executive summary" of exactly how we go about doing this. 




Our Business Model
  • Client Cap

  • Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Fee Only

  • Project Coordinator

Our business is about relationships, and as such, we care for you!  To give you the best possible experience, we do things a little differently.  For starters, we cap the number of clients any advisor at our firm will work with at 75.  While TWM in aggregate advises many families beyond that, we require each of our advisors to stop adding clients at 75, which is at a level we feel confident we can provide much better service as compared to an advisor who has added too many clients and is spread thin.  We need to know your goals, risk tolerances, and personal situation as well as even you do if we're going to properly advise you...  and that takes dedicated time to each relationship that advisors with hundreds or thousands of clients just can't do.


By capping our clients, we know we offer best-in-class service!  Our clients speak to this every day!  We're so confident in what we bring to the table, we're willing to guarantee your satisfaction by offering to refund your fee for the prior quarter if you're ever less than completely satisfied with the work we've done for you.  Our willingness to put our money where our mouth is completely differentiates us from the typical firm who's much more interested in accumulating client assets for their business rather than actually growing your assets for you while knowing full well that their money is already in the bank.


We are also 100% fee only, meaning we will never sell you a product and earn a commission.  With our fee derived as a small, flat percentage of the assets you entrust us to manage, we're not rewarded for selling...  we're rewarded for growing.  We want to grow your portfolio as much as you do because we sit on the same side of the table as you!


And because our fee-only approach means we do not sell any products, this also means we are not in competition with your other advisors who may.  We can work with your existing team of CPA’s, attorneys, insurance agents, etc. and help lead a coordinated and comprehensive approach to your finances.  This not only will provide you an unbiased, professional opinion in decisions involving other advisors who may appear financially incented to steer you in a certain direction, but also puts in place a financial “project coordinator” who can ensure each party of the team is on the same page and working toward the same proper goals…  yours!

Gather & Assess

Just as you'd expect your doctor to complete a thorough medical history on you before proceeding into any form of treatment, you can expect that we will gather and comprehensively assess your financial situation.  To properly guide you, we need to know where you've been, where you are, and where you'd like to be.  If you're ready to get started now, you can download the assessment by clicking the button below and returning it to us once it's complete.  And feel free to ask any questions along the way!  We're absolutley looking forward to meeting you soon!

Complimentary Initial Consultation

Having already had the opportunity to assess your financial situation, we are eager for the opportunity to engage you in a real financial discussion.  We want to get to know you, and we want you to get to know us.  We want for you to get a glimpse of us in action.  Our clients did not go in blind, but knew what it was going to look and feel like working with us before ever agreeing to do so.  And we give you this glimpse free of charge.  For our relationship to be successful, it needs to be a good mutual fit.  In cases even when it may not be, we know you'll still walk away with useful information very applicable to your personal situation.

Face-to-face, Quarterly Reviews

The most common complaint we hear from many clients about their previous advisors is that they rarely saw or heard from them.  If you switch to Teeple Wealth Management, we can assure you that this will not be the case.


Our clients receive up to four meetings each year dependent upon their specific needs.  At these quarterly meetings we'll have the chance to thoroughly review the performance of your investments with you, recommend tweaks to your portfolio in light of what is happening in the economy at that time, update your retirement projection, and converse about any pertinent issues that are going on in your financial lives.  And of course, we'll be able to continue building our relationship even in the comfort of your own home if you like! 


You can also expect regular contact from us between formal meetings.  Remember, we are rewarded for helping to grow your assets, not for selling products.   And with only a small, manageable family of clients, we combine that desire with a logistical ability to go deep, impact, and add value to the lives of each and every client.

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