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At Teeple Wealth Management, we take pride in offering comprehensive financial solutions covering a wide array of issues that life will inevitably throw at you.  If it's important to you, it's important to us!  We're here to lend a helping hand and be a guide along the way!
Retirement Planning

"I know I'd like to retire, but I don't know when I'll be able to, how much I'll be able to afford, or how much I should be saving?  And what will a down market do to my chances of success?"


We'll help you evaluate and answer all of these questions.  We'll even "stress test" your retirement plan under poor market conditions so you'll know that your plan won't be derailed.  In doing so, we'll hope for the best but plan for the worst so you can rest easy.


"How should I be investing?  I know I need to take some risks to grow my portfolio, but how much is too much?"


We will help you choose the right mix of investments in light of your goals and risk tolerances by initially setting strategic asset allocation targets as well as through continual monitoring of the market for risks and opportunities.  Decisions like "What should I do with my money?" are too important to go it alone unprepared.  We'll help guide you so you can make decisions confidently.

Risk Management

"We all know we need insurance, but what types of coverage are right for me?  Can I really trust the agent who's selling me insurance if he's being paid a commission?  I don't want to over insure!"


We will help you identify your areas of vulnerability so they can be addressed.  Whether it's life, disability or liability coverage you need, we can help you prepare for life's surprises.  And since we only provide the advice and let an insurance agent handle the procurement of whatever policy we agree upon, you can know with assurance that we are looking out for your best interests.

Budgeting & Cash Flow


"Why is it that I'm flush with cash sometimes and don't have enough in checking at others to even pay my bills?  And how am I going to cover that big expense coming up?  I wish I could save more, but I never seem to have enough left over at the end of the month!"


Whether you need help coming up with a plan for uneven cash flows, utilizing your resources in the most effective manner to fund big expenditures, or even coming up with a budget to help you better prepare to save, we can help you manage your cash so you have control over it rather than it controlling you!

Estate Planning


"I'm not living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, so why would I need estate planning?  All I know is that I want my loved ones to be well taken care of when I'm gone!"


Estate planning is not all about taxes and it's certainly not only for the uber wealthy.  It's about ensuring that what you've worked hard for all these years is utilized in the way you always hoped it would be... even after you're gone.  So whether it's ensuring that you're able to give to your favorite charities, provide for a spouse, or ensure your children get their inheritance at a proper and healthy age, we have the knowledge to help you leave the type of legacy that you want for your loved ones. 

Education Planning

"I was blessed to have my parents help pay for my education, so now I want to help pay for the education of my children!  But with education costs skyrocketing so dramatically, what's that even look like and how can I best make my savings work for me?"


Whether you desire to pay for a private elementary or an Ivy League University, we can help you wade through the decisions that await you as you come up with a savings strategy.  An education is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your child or grandchild, and we'd love to be there smiling with you as you watch them spread their wings and fly, taking advantage of the gift you've given them.

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